Originated in the Wiltshire countryside

100% made in the UK

Deep in the Wiltshire countryside Zoe was inspired by the rich tapestry of colours
in nature around her.

Tired of buying thin, drab socks for her children, she created houlie, robust, luxury, cushioned socks,
to keep children’s feet warm whilst playing indoors and out.

houlie socks are stylish and luxurious, yet totally practical and woven in bold preppy stripes,
in colours influenced from the surrounding wildlife.

The name houlie was triggered by the horses in the Wiltshire countryside.
When a horse is set loose into a field or just generally having a mad moment with his friends,
he gallops at high speed, puts in a high buck and kicks his legs into the air,
feeling free and having fun.
This is known as ‘having a houlie’ and this wonderful moment of pure joy inspires us all.