Discover the quality of our socks

houlie socks are thick and luxurious and their
quintessentially English colours
are eyecatching,
distinctive and a favourite with children.

  • extra warmth
    from our rib knit, from
    the ankles to the knees

  • reinforced soles
    for strength extend
    the life of our socks

  • durable
    strong, yet brushed soft cotton
    and machine washable at 40°

  • reliable
    our socks won’t get lost
    and work their way
    down through a shoe
    and gather at the toes

  • fully cushioned
    with a thick terry sole
    to keep children warm
    and protected from
    the elements

  • indoors and out
    our socks can cope with
    being worn in the garden
    without shoes, or indoors
    like a cosy pair of slippers